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Types of Magnets

Objects having magnetic field is called as magnets. Normally magnets are of two types- Permanent magnets and Electro magnets. Permanent magnets are those magnets which occur in nature and do not depend upon external source for their magnetic field. On the other hand electromagnets are those magnets which uses electric current to generate magnetic field.

Classification of Magnets

There are different types of magnets with different physical and magnetic properties and strength. These magnets are used in various industrial and non industrial applications and be categorized as follows:

Applications of Magnets

Magnets have wide applicability in various industries both small and big. They are multi utility products that are also applied to create small toys and magnetic equipments for medical usage. The magnets are applicable in the following industries:

Magnetic Materials

The electron of any materials get affected when they are placed in the magnetic field. However different materials react differently to the presence of an external magnetic field. On this basis magnetic materials can be classified as :

Categorization of Magnetic Materials

Magnetization & Demagnetizing of Materials

Materials especially the ferro magnetic materials can be magnetized using various process. The process involves stroking, hammering, passing of AC current in solenoid etc. Similarly using similar techniques and process permanent magnets can be demagnetized.

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